Introducing the next generation of developmental golf equipment designed for all new learners. ShortGolf® is made of high quality materials and professionally written learning guides. A major leap in how the game of golf is learned and taught.

Learn from the Pros

ShortGolf® Coaching is available from professionals and Certified coaches all over the world. All skills required to play ShortGolf can be learned quickly and easily by all ages, thanks to the learning cues and instruction built in to the equipment design. Specifically designed to make learning the game fun, ShortGolf’s experienced team of PGA professionals and sport specialists have developed a simple, yet effective program with infinite possibilities of fun skill developing activities.

ShortGolf® Coaching Program

The turn-key coaching program is easy to deliver for Coaches and fun for students, allowing new golfers to learn the skills required to play ShortGolf. ShortGolf’s innovative equipment is specifically designed to emulate the feel of the real game, developing the skills necessary to allow students to rapidly progress on and excel at golf with traditional equipment.

Would you like to be a ShortGolf® Coach?

Thanks to ShortGolf’s easily accessible Training and Certification process, becoming a ShortGolf® Coach couldn’t be easier. The ShortGolf training and coaching process is for anyone interested in introducing the game, regardless of your level of prior golf knowledge. Whether you’re a golf professional, school sports coach, physical education teacher, camp instructor or a volunteer with your local youth or recreation groups, we can help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to qualify as a Certified ShortGolf ®Coach.

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