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Golf Central Magazine Highlights ShortGolf® in Player Development


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ShortGolf® is a vehicle for many programs and initiatives across the globe. Widely regarded the best first-touch system for golf, ShortGolf has now earned the approval of golf’s leading organizations across the world, including the PGA TOUR and the R&A. Perhaps what gives this program enormous potential for further growth, is its power to impact player development by entering a vast array of environments and successfully developing skills. The important factors that generate this exciting potential center around the system’s portability, safety and fundamental development.

Entirely portable, ShortGolf has the ability to “take” the game to where “new” players are. The “golf in school” initiatives across the world are rapidly increasing, as they are equipping physical education teachers with the ability to introduce the game to kids while on school grounds. Teaching golf to large groups, in non-traditional venues, can now be done safely both indoor and outdoor. Not just in the schools, other initiatives that align with offering diverse and inclusive environments are taking notice and using ShortGolf as a vehicle to achieve their program goals. Recreation departments, camps, churches, adapted sports programs, assisted living centers…the list goes on and on, increasing the potential reach for growing the game and providing the ability to develop new players’ skills sets.


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