In Scotland, the ‘home of golf’, ShortGolf is proud to be equipping the national ‘ClubGolf ‘ program in almost 2,000 elementary schools and growing.

ClubGolf, in around 2,000 elementary schools, follows a six-week program designed to give children a first introduction to golf as a part of their school curriculum. ShortGolf equipment allows the implementation of the program designedaround safe, fun activities, using its colorful, modified golf equipment. The goal is to be in every school in the country by 2020, and it’s looking very promising.

“Golf in Schools” initiatives have spread around the world and the ShortGolf program, armed with the concept of training physical education teachers on the modified (and safe) golf unit that can be taught indoors and outdoors, has witnessed immense growth. The sustainability of the program’s initiative is proven effective as more and more students are introduced to the game in school each year!