ShortGolf® History

Launched in 2010, ShortGolf was born from a need to introduce golf to new participants beyond its traditional boundaries, and it is succeeding!

Bringing in a new program

In the early 2000’s with golf struggling to attract a younger generation, lifelong golf pro and former Tour player Chris Smith launched YMG, a structured golf education program designed to help coaches and golf clubs attract kids to the game.

Development & research

It soon became evident that all available ‘first touch’ equipment had severe limitations given the need to break the traditional barriers associated with learning golf.

So he took advice from many sources including Wally Armstrong, widely regarded as the ‘father of first touch golf systems’. Finally he joined forces with product expert Jonathan Apps and ShortGolf was launched in 2010.

Why Choose ShortGolf®?

ShortGolf is probably the most fun you can have playing golf – it’s safe, easy to learn, and great for all the family.

Official Licensed Product of PGA TOUR

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