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ShortGolf has spread rapidly across the World, and it is now the choice of Golf's leading institutions including the PGA Tour, The First Tee, and the R&A.

Chosen by the best

In 2015 The First Tee Program in the United States of America, the world’s largest youth development initiative, selected ShortGolf® as its preferred equipment. More recently ShortGolf is proud to be an Official Licensed Product of the PGA Tour.


In Scotland, the ‘home of golf’ ShortGolf is used to equip the national ‘ClubGolf ‘ program in almost 2,000 primary schools.

In Hong Kong, the HK Golf Association selected ShortGolf for their national schools program, as have the Federations of Finland and Malta.

In Brazil ShortGolf was selected for the ‘Golf Para Vida’ program, linked to the success of golf in the 2016 Olympic Games, and ShortGolf was also selected for the 2015 Youth Olympics in Nanjing China.

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ShortGolf was developed to help golf pros teach golf in non traditional venues, but its reputation spread rapidly across the globe and is now also growing the game in schools and parks via education and sport professionals.

Official Licensed Product of PGA TOUR

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