Beat the lockdown in your backyard!

The perfect game for families to enjoy while at home
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Official Licensed Product of PGA TOUR

What is ShortGolf?

ShortGolf® is an exciting first touch playing and coaching system with each element designed to emulate the real game of golf while making it easier and more fun. Perfect for:

  • Kids
  • Adults
  • Families
  • Golf Clubs, Courses & Facilities
  • Coaches
  • Schools and Institutions
  • Park and Recreation Facilities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Inclusive/Adaptive Golf Programs

Genuine Equipment

Colorful Oversized Clubs, Soft Balls and Innovative “sticky” targets combine with built-in teaching and learning cues to accelerate skill development, providing early success and fun for all ages.

Coaching Kits

Include clubs, targets, t-mats!, ballz!, transportation bag and more!

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ShortGolf® Clubs, available in four sizes

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Everything you need to play ShortGolf®, anywhere!

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ShortGolf® Coaching

ShortGolf® equipment is available in coaching kits specifically designed for group instruction and activities that create a social, team environment. ShortGolf’s experienced team has developed a simple, yet effective multi-level Coaching Program that anyone can deliver.

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