In Brazil, ShortGolf was selected for the ‘Golf Para Vida’ program, linked to the success of golf in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Carioca Giulia Mallmann and Antonio Douat of Paraná were the champions of the fifth stage of the HSBC National Junior Golf Tour in Paraná, which took place at the Alphaville Graciosa Club on May 18 and 19. In addition to the tournament, an action led young people from three schools in Paraná participating in the Golf Para a Vida program for a first contact with the golf course. These youngsters are learning the sport in their schools, which now include golf as a regular discipline in the teaching grid, with classes taught by teachers trained in the Golf for Life Program in 2012.

The tournament, presented by HSBC, was organized by the Federação Paranaense and Catarinense de Golfe with the support of the Brazilian Golf Confederation and counts points for the National Youth Ranking. The event had resources from the Sports Incentive Law of the Ministry of Sports. In 2013, the HSBC National Tour of Youth Golf will have five stages. The first was held in São Paulo, at Guarapiranga Golf & Country Club; the second was held at Itanhangá Golf Club in Rio de Janeiro; the third in Porto Alegre, in the Belém Novo Golf Club; and the fourth stage happened in Paraná, at the Alphaville Graciosa Club. The fifth and final stage of the year will be the Brazilian Pre-Juvenile and Youth Championship to be held at the Brasília Golf Club from July 31 to August 2.

Guests attending the Alphaville Graciosa Club and attending the upcoming competitions came from the Ivan Ferreira do Amaral State College and two Sesi schools, where more than 1100 children already play golf with the CBG’s ShortGolf Coaching Kits.

With the sponsorship of HSBC and technical and financial support from R & A, the world’s top golfing authority, the training program has already been developed in three Brazilian cities (Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Brasilia), reaching approximately 70 teachers and more than 20 thousand children . The program is sponsored by HSBC and has resources from the Ministry of Sports, through the Sports Incentive Law.

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